Happy Yentaversary!

balloonThis blog is FOUR years old today, and you know, WOW. I’ve definitely come a long way from two-sentence posts about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner, but I’m still no Jewschool.

My dear Pepe Pringos has sprung a Birthday WordPress Upgrade surprise on the Yenta, which is a little bit like buying someone a car who can’t drive. After Pesach has passed over, I will take some technovitamins and rev this baby up! Everyone knows that four year-olds have unlimited energy (just ask Little Yenta Girl – if you can catch her!)

In the meantime, happy chametz-searching, peeps!

2 thoughts on “Happy Yentaversary!

  1. I’ve been reading the blog from the beginning and I have to say I think it’s always original and clever. You have your own unique, weird perspective of the world and know how to verbalize it! Keep going, Head Yenta!

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