Happy Purim!

We apologize again for our slow posting this week; our new server should be up and running next week and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program of good news and good times. Speaking of good times, we were the proud guardians of our local JCC’s only gender-bending Queen Esther this morning and plan to carry out this new family tradition by dressing as Haman at tonight’s chavarah festivities (enter groger noise here!) Purim isn’t only fun for the kiddies; check out Aish’s hilarious short Flash movie, especially for Jews who like to poke fun at themselves. So Shabbat Shalom and chag sameach – We’re off to hit the holiday-sanctioned Manischewitz!

3 thoughts on “Happy Purim!

  1. How many Rabbi’s does it take to change a light bulb? I like the two committees in the synagogue better, funny cartoon! Happy Purim.

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