‘Hanukkah Song’ Catches Flack

user submitted pictureJewish World Review writer Binyamin L. Jolkovsky has called Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” an “embarassment” and is “spearheading an effort to depose” the pop song now playing on a top 40 station near you, reports The Washington Times.
Says Jolkovsky: “Hanukkah is about a lot more than menorahs or potato latkes…It’s childish when you take a minority that doesn’t take itself seriously and then you see what they’re offering.”
Okay, first of all, after a hundred seasons of “Jingle Bell Rock,” Sandler’s song has moved crowds of Christian boys and girls to shout “Put on your yarmulka, it’s time to celebrate Chanukah,” which is no small feat. Second, Chanukah (our preferred spelling) celebrates the miracle of light and the blessing of religious freedom, which may not be spelled out specifically in the lyrics, but just the fact that a Jewish kid can sing about feeling like the only kid on the block without a Christmas tree and get airplay is some kind of miracle. Third, it’s funny.
We guess we can understand that the observant among us would be disturbed by anything humorous relating to Judaism (much as religious Christians speak out against the corporate marketing hijacking of their holy day), but for those of us who grew up learning those tired Xmas carols in elementary school are pricked with pride every time Sandler comes out of the speakers. Look for us on the freeway, windows rolled down, singing along at the top of our lungs.

2 thoughts on “‘Hanukkah Song’ Catches Flack

  1. I don’t know that people who are exceedingly serious should really have authority to comment on things that are just plain funny. There are bigger battles to be fought…

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