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Yo, Yenta AdviceDear and loyal reader dfrosenzweig writes:

Why do you no longer have Yo, Yenta’s advice column? I used to like reading and getting your thoughts and opinions on issues relating to your subscribers. I’m one of them and wrote to you twice for just that purpose and it helped me. I’ve tried several times since to read about what other people are going through and can naver find it. Did you rename it, move it or remove it?

Well, Miz D, the truth is that since the Yenta moved from Jmerica to this autonomous site, there hasn’t been much call for my advising services. I just figured everyone’s lives were going so swimmingly that I was no longer needed, and have instead focused on Jewishy news and my own personal navel-gazing.

But listen, if you have tsuris, I’m more than happy to help. I probably won’t solve your problem, but I can provide graphic examples of people much worse off than you. C’mon, challenge me.

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