Good news for Jews in Georgia, especially for the Head Yenta

Just in time for the Head Yenta’s trek to “red clay country,” news breaks out that Atlanta has one of the fastest growing Jewish populations in the country (they’re #11, up from #17 a decade ago). While we seem to be leaving places like Philadelphia and moving to Nevada and Florida, some rather stick around the Atlanta metro area and set up shop.

The synagogues, the JCC’s, the Jewish agencies, and more are all expanding to meet the demands of the growing communities that plan to stay for generations to come. Logically this will create a spill-over effect that will benefit Savannah, GA’s Jewish community and I know our beloved Yenta will enjoy the company.

I’ll leave you with the latest top 11 list:


1. New York 1,412,000
2. Los Angeles 519,200
3. Chicago 270,500
4. Broward County, Fla. 234,000
5. San Francisco Bay area 228,000
6. Boston 227,300
7. Washington, D.C. 215,600
8. Philadelphia 206,100
9. South Palm Beach County, Fla. 131,300
10. Greater Palm Beach County, Fla. 124,250
11. Atlanta 119,800

2 thoughts on “Good news for Jews in Georgia, especially for the Head Yenta

  1. Thanks for the update, Pepe! I’m somewhere in Arkansas with El Yenta Man and this is the first Internet access I’ve had in a week. I’m kvelling over the job you’re doing with this blog, man. Though I’m still weeks away from being able to take back the reins, I will attempt to post my own Yenta update soon…

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