Go To College, Learn To Hate Jews!

fuck collegeJPost reports that Dartmouth College has rejected Jewish fraternity Alpha Episilon Pi from its Greek row for the second time since the school lifted its ban on new fraternities last year.

While the council originally said it “could not sustain another fraternity,” it also conceded that some in the council were uncomfortable admitting a fraternity whose membership was “eighty to ninety percent” Jewish.

But Dartmouth doesn’t have a problem recognizing other Greek organizations based on ethnicity such as Alpha Phi Alpha, a historically African-American fraternity, and Latino fraternity Lambda Upsilon Lambda.

Time for those AEPis to go GDI, nu?

And lest you think covert anti-Semitism is limited to second-tier Ivy League schools in WASPy neighborhoods, check out the truly frightening things happening on the U.C. Irvine campus in liberal, “tolerant” California.

In the midst of an apparent propaganda push against Israel and Jews currently on the extracurricular agenda at America’s institution’s of higher learning, a new sorority based on Islam is being welcomed on several American campuses.

Jeebus, my mother only had to worry about date rape drugs and Jews for Jesus when I left for school.

7 thoughts on “Go To College, Learn To Hate Jews!

  1. Just because a Jewish fraternity was rejected does not necessarily mean that such was done due to anti-semitism.

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