Git On Yer New Year’s Dancin’ Shooz

Rosh Hashanah is still weeks away, but it’s just never too early to start shakin’ some booty for the season!

Thanks to Facebook friend Mindy N. for the heads up that those beautiful, shiny, happy Fountainheads have a brand new video, which is not only catchy and spiritual and fun but an astounding display of all the gorgeously diverse genes of Israel:

The Fountainheads want you to know that “no apples, pomegranates, babies, or smartphones were harmed in the filming of this video.” Also, feeding honey to babies under a year old is a no-no. Lyrics here.

Any Rosh Hashanah round-up must include G-dcast’s “Shofar Callin’,” featuring some wicked ram’s horn jams and Savannah’s own Prodezra Beats (yo, Reuben, we miss you and your lovely mishpoche!):

And while we’re getting dirty with the beats, let’s throw in “Hebrew Crunk” with its slutty apple slices from back in 5777, created for Taglit Birthright Israel:

OK, everybody awake now?

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