Get Yer Craft On for Passover

I know all the good Jewish moms are busy this time of year with coaxing chametz out of corners and making gefilte fish from scratch. As opposed to us bad Jewish moms, who might gather up the Ritz crackers and cereal to give to the food bank the night before the seder (but leave the tortillas in the fridge because they’re perfectly good and shouldn’t they count because they’re flat?)

Whatever, we’re all bizzy and dizzy with the advent of Spring sproinging its way on us fast, and we all want our homes to look nice. Though my house would never pass a rabbinical white glove test, I try to make up for this with Jewish art projects so that the Easter Bunny cannot possibly find its rodenty way here by mistake. But maybe the idea of creating your own decor for the holiday gives you IBS, in which case you should stop reading and drive yourself straight to HomeGoods and sift through all the pastel chozzerai — it’s okay if the egg on the seder plate is made of light blue teak, right?

If adding some DIY touches to your seder table is your style, you must check out CreativeJewishMom — she’s got tons of projects for home and kids, and even the glue gun-challenged can manage to put together something to be proud of in an evening. I love the idea of recycling old t-shirts into pillows so your guests can recline on something that says “BBYO Sweetheart Dance 1982,” and the Red Sea diorama with escaping Jews made from corks has me rearranging Sunday’s Shalom School lesson.

CJM is hosting a sweet giveaway on her blog through Passover, I think you should know. Prizes include copies of Rivky Koenig’s Crafting Jewish (which contains directions for this super cool etched matzah plate project,) and Pesach: Anything’s Possible by Tamar Ansh (300+ pages of gluten-free delights to be enjoyed all year round), and a Pesach scrapbooking kit from Crafting Jewish Style.

So enter already, all you crafty Jewish mamas with extra time on your hands after turning out pockets and hooking the gefilte — wherever they may be biting.

One thought on “Get Yer Craft On for Passover

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for that link! I love giving my kids (ok, mostly the older-than-toddler one) crafts to do, and love even more having them related to Judaism — nice to have something to counterbalance all those “make a Christmas tree” and “make an Easter bunny” crafts her friends brag about! Having fun traditions of her own are a great counterbalance to feeling left out when all her friends are talking about Santa.

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