Get the F@#$rs Before They Die

Even though the extradition of accused Nazi war criminal John “Ivan” Demjanjuk has been delayed because the 89 year-old, Ukrainian-born retired Ohio autoworker is “too frail” to travel to Germany to meet his justice, the German judiciary system has set its sights on four others suspected of meting out death orders for Jews under Hitler’s reign.

All of them are old men in their 80’s, most of them suffering from health problems, which has “slowed the interest” of internationally prosecuting them. I say pull the momzers in by the last hairs on their sick heads and let them die slow, painful deaths knowing they didn’t get away with it.

Go, Germany, Go!

5 thoughts on “Get the F@#$rs Before They Die

  1. Though of course those who are guilty should be punished, Demjanjuk, I’d say, is a special case. He has already been tried once for war crimes he was cleared from in court in Jerusalem. In fact, the initial trial involved manufactured evidence and very likely perjury.

    So it seems to me there are still some questions we need to ask before we pass judgment on these men. Some of them may very well be guilty and deserve everything they’ve got coming. But not necessarily all of them.

    As asks, should these men (specifically Demjanjuk) suffer an agonizing trip to Germany to stand trial for crimes it’s very possible they didn’t even commit?

  2. Absolutely, Yenta. There is no reason these evil bastards should get away with mass murder just because they got old and sick. We should show them the same mercy and compassion they showed their countless victims.

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