Gene Simmons Blows IDF Soldier A Big Kiss

kissAn Israeli solidier paralyzed from the chest down from battling with Hezbollah got a hero’s greeting by one of his own heroes, KISS bassist and reality-TV dad Gene Simmons.

In a videotape, Simmons told Ron Weinreich “I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, and how much the world and Israel owes you a debt of gratitude … From the bottom of my heart, you are a real hero, you are everybody’s hero, you are my hero and I wish I could be there with you.”

Then, in Hebrew: “My name is Chaim, I was born in Haifa.”

Simmons a sabra … who knew? He probably didn’t deliver his message to Weinreich in full KISS regalia, but that would’ve been awesome.

2 thoughts on “Gene Simmons Blows IDF Soldier A Big Kiss

  1. He did a fabulous or horrible interview with on “Fresh Air,” in which he confessed to being a yeshiva bocher. Can you just see him if full KISS regalia, face covered in blood, davening Maariv? Shout It Out Loud baby!

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