user submitted pictureUkranian-born boxer Dimitriy Salita ranks ninth in the world, but don’t expect to see him on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. The 23 year-old welter-weight doesn’t roll on Shabbos, and he credits his orthodox observance with keeping him focused in the ring:
Obviously boxing is not a team sport, so for me personally it helped me develop a personal relationship with God and become more spiritual. I pray every time before I spar, before I fight. You know, we need help all the time, but in boxing you directly feel that you need help.
Judging from the bloody recount of his recent TKO against Louis Brown, Salita leaves the “nice Jewish boy” attitude at the ropes. With a righteous combination of rigorous training and daily Torah study, perhaps it’s his opponents who could use a little prayer in their pre-fight ritual.

2 thoughts on “G*d-Smack!

  1. I haven’t watched boxing since Roy Jones was knocked down twice. Maybe this kid will bring me back to the sport. But access to PPV would help too, if you know what I mean.

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