Frida’s Jewish Roots Debunked

frida kahloThough a widely-held belief, a new book has come out that reveals the father of painter Frida Kahlo wasn’t Jewish after all.

A review in the JPost reveals that photographer Guillermo Kahlo came from a long line of German Protestants, which would have been considered unpopular and embarrassing in bohemian circles in the 1940’s. In a rare reversal of celebrities denying their heritage, “Frida herself was probably the source of the claims to her Jewish connection.”

No se cambia nada, yo. The mujer stood up for what was just, advocated workers’ rights and kicked serious canvas ass. If she wanted to believe herself Jewish, s’ok by me.

2 thoughts on “Frida’s Jewish Roots Debunked

  1. Her art was creative and it has stood the test of time, but not her political leanings. The USSR fell apart and Castro is limping by. But I don’t want to turn this into a political discussion, the lady did what she thought was best at the time. If the protestant label was uncool I understand. If only it were true that being Jewish was always the ‘cool’ thing for gentiles to be. They pick and choose when it’s convenient. But then again, her art was cool.

  2. Wow this is very interesting. I understood that she identified with her Mexican roots more than her Jewish roots primarily because of the subject matter and symbolism in her art work she was a great artist Jewish or not. But it is true that artists create a mystique for themselves. I guess she felt being Jewish decent was more interesting although it doesnÂ’t make much sense to me. I just find it strange that her non Jewish ancestry would come to light now.

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