Flu Shot Confusion

remedyIt started with a headache and little throat tickle. Next thing I knew I was in bed for four days with flowing green snot and a gurgling hack that scared the dog out of the room. Not pretty, the flu.

I’m almost completely recovered now (I’m still coughing a bit, sending the dog skittering off under the couch), but jeebus, this influenza B thing is for real, people. Everyone I talk to has either caught it, is caring for someone with it or is wearing a surgical mask and slathering on Purell trying to avoid it. “Epidemic” seems awfully dramatic, but folks from Seattle to Savannah are down for the count.

Because I’m alternative therapy groupie and a hippie at heart, I’ve been dosing myself and my family all winter with immune-boosting herbs and formulas. The astralagas and echinacea seem to have worked well for my husband and the kids, and I think my system got weak from a combination of stress and lack of sleep and was no match for the evil woman at a dance concert who kept coughing into my hair. It was a terrible couple of weeks, but still – you couldn’t pay me to have a flu shot.

I understand that a flu vaccine is helpful in theory – but the shot that everyone lined up to get this season is now being reported as less than 40% effective in preventing the actual virus circulating. In fact, flu shots have been linked with other complications, like paralysis and Alzheimer’s, and can actually weaken your immune system so you get sicker.

Yet the Center for Disease Control recommended yesterday that all children have another flu shot (and don’t even get me started on the neurological damage mercury-based vaccines cause in kids) – even after its own admission that this year’s shot is a waste of money and time (not too mention dangerous.)

This logic is so completely asinine – how can we trust a government health entity that’s pushing a faulty product? My friend Sam, who owns a tire store, snorted that only the government could do business this way. “I’d like to try that – here, the first four tires we sold you aren’t that good, so you’re going to need eight.” Anyone who believes there isn’t a direct financial connection with the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry probably still think global warming is a myth.

Anyway, it’s good to be upright again. Hope everyone out there is in good health – and remember the best way to prevent the flu is to boost your immunity, eat well and get enough rest. One of those surgical masks couldn’t hurt either.

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2 thoughts on “Flu Shot Confusion

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I will continue to refuse to vaccinate my children against the flu and the chicken pox and
    hepatitis B, and many of the other “life-saving” toxins our government strongly suggest my children should have. I’m not saying it’s a an easy road to walk, because many questioned my decisions for a while. I am just fortunate to have a Pediatrician and a family who gets it. I am sure I will have my children consider the aforementioned vaccinations for themselves when they are older, but for now I’m not concerned about any of them keeling over from chicken pox or the flu. And since my nine- year-old is not yet sexually active I’m not worried about Hep B.

  2. Aw, c’mon, the pharmaceutical corporations
    must have their profits, and if the whole country comes down with Guillan-Barre Syndrome – what do they care? It just means more profit for the health care industry.
    I’m glad you’re better. And I’m with you Yo, I’ve never taken a flu shot.

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