Flower Power Up: JWI Mother’s Day Project

Every year I post a little something about how your mama doesn’t want another tsotchke for her dashboard mantel or a bouquet of wilty tulips for Mother’s Day — all she cares about is that you turned out not to be a shmo.

So, listen, make her proud already: Donate $25 to JWI’s Mother’s Day Flower Project and she’ll totally forget about that time she found you smoking weed with your uncle when you were supposed to be cleaning out your bubbie’s garage.

The funds go towards flowers and gift baskets full of feminine necessities for 200 domestic violence shelters around the country, helping out over 45,000 women and children not lucky enough to have someone like you to care about them every day.

Yes, it says May 3 to guarantee delivery by Saturday, but click it up today and you’re golden. Better yet, save a tree and send an e-card.

Either way, you’re still a mensch.



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