Flower Power for All the Mamas

cardLook, Mother’s Day is coming up. And your mother just texted me to kvetch that you can save the canned Hallmark crap this year – NO ONE LIKES those pale yellow cards with simmpery faux poems printed in curlicue font, except your grandma and even SHE is pretending (she Twittered it, ‘k?)

More than another runny-egg brunch, more than a hothouse bouquet that smells like the inside of a refrigerator, more than anything, your mother just wants to know that you’ve grown up into a mensch. And the Yenta is going to give you a way to prove it to her without leaving your chair: JWI’s Flower Project.

For every $25 donation for its good works towards helping domestic abuse survivors, Jewish Women’s International will send the mother of your choice this gorgeous card created by Israeli artist Anicca Bat Adam. Around the country, 150 domestic abuse shelters around the country will also receive Mother’s Day wishes in the form of cards and flowers to brighten their situations with the bloom of possibilities to come. Contributions also go towards prevention efforts that “empower Jewish teens and young adults to build healthy relationships” – which means you’re paying it forward to help future mothers. Trust me, you cannot lose on this one.

Do it here
– you mother meant it when she said it really is the thought that counts!

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