Finally, Useful Science

user submitted pictureThe JPost reports that Israeli researchers have discovered how the human brain comprehends sarcasm, that elusive concept where one understands the meaning of, say, “nice outfit” in the context of this woman to mean “Lady, you’re a fashion victim.”
Yeah, we’re sooo surprised a bunch of Jewish psychologists (who were aided in their study by patients with frontal lobe damage who have lost all sense of irony and cannot process the complex subtext of literal meaning versus intention) have found the origins of sarcasm. Like, didn’t we invent it?
If our frontal lobe was in better shape, we could figure out how to use the Sarcastic Font to communicate what a vital contribution to humankind we feel this study to be!

3 thoughts on “Finally, Useful Science

  1. There is a sarcastic font movement? Really, how did we any revolutions going before the internet existed? We can start a Jewish belly button lint collection revolution, create a huge website, and collect paypal funds to cover expenses and boom… we’re mentioned in a jewish blog like this one. The things you guys find never cease to amaze me, especially since other Jewish folks are the cause of them. In another note that site you linked with the crazy fashion dresses is crazy. That funnel dress made that woman look like the tin man from the wizard of oz. More proof that human beings are boring creatures. (sarcasm)

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