Fifty Years of Wedded Bliss

user submitted pictureAwww, Kirk Douglas and his German-born wife, Anne, reaffirmed their marraige vows under a chuppah last weekend after half a century of kids, careers, illness and infidelity. Douglas began taking his Jewish roots more seriously after a helicopter and then a stroke left him incapacitated some years back, and what better time to find religion when you’ve already commited every sin under the sun? (see his best-selling autobiography, The Ragman’s Son for steamy details.) But the Almighty Upstairs is forgiving and apparently, so is Kirk’s wife. Here’s to fifty more years of mazel to the happy couple.
The ceremony was attended by former first Lady Nancy Reagan, Theodore Bikel and hairdressing mangate Vidal Sassoon (Douglas, though something of a relic these days, still has an amazing coiffure.)

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