Et Tu, Andersen?

david and goliathAlthough Andersen Cooper remains the hottest of Middle East correspondents, the characterization of Hezbollah as David to Israel’s Goliath on tonight’s episode of 360• is inexcusable.

Whenever one wants to illustrate a story of an underdog triumphing over a giant power, there is the story of David and Goliath. Let’s see: David, a young Israeli boy armed with only a slingshot, topples a Philistine giant and goes on to become the Jewish people’s greatest king. Let’s compare that with Hezbollah, a band of nationless thugs with more rockets than a South Carolina fireworks wherehouse and a whorish relationship with two wealthy countries that love to bestow it with bombs, attacks Israel, the region’s only democracy, who does indeed have a mighty military but could hardly be characterized as a giant.

What kind of hookah does one — not to mention one’s producer — have to be smoking to hold up a bunch of terrorists to one of the biggest heroes of the Hebrew Bible? That this iconic story is from the Torah makes this already ridiculous comparison beyond insulting. I’m telling y’all — every day I’m a step closer to FOXnews.

I expect such sensational nonsense from the rest of CNN, but Andy, you’re breaking my heart. And while I appreciate your “down-in-the-trenches” trip, change your shirt already — that navy number with the shoulder tabs that you’ve been wearing all week is looking moldy.

5 thoughts on “Et Tu, Andersen?

  1. I agree with all your statements to a certain piont.. as so far as saying the arab militants are uterly with out grounds for their rediculus defense of some unsubstanciated cult (which I will call religion) and the jewish peoples so claimed right to have a ‘state’,… a political entity in which some other unsubstanciated beliefe clash for NO OTHER REASON AS TO BE AGAINST EACHOTHER… In other words, it’s f’n embarassing that two people, who are so close in every other way, except the moronic concept of some God who obviously don’t give a f**k about either would fight over that deseert arm pit of a place. Does anybody but me realize that the same people who wrote the Bible twenty-fivehundred years ago… and the New Testament, eighteen hundred years ago… and the Koran some fourteen hundred years ago were the same M.F.ers who thought the world was flat and the earth revolved around the sun? Oh… but every other Bullshit reason and explanation for the WAYS OF THE WORLD WERE RIGHT ON!!!!!!!! F U .

  2. Hey, David is the Hebrew and Goliath was the Philistine. What has happened when Jewish people won’t claim David as their own? He was one of the greatest Kings of Israel and had the L-rd on his side. May we gladly cry “Yes, David is our king, and our G-d is G-d…”

  3. Brendan, dude, calm down. Not sure what you’re railing against here, but drink a cup of chamomile tea and try again.

    Um, John, where in this post were the Jewish people not claiming David?

  4. Yeah, ok… the tea helped. I apologise for my loose use of the language, I have just become so frustrated with people fighting over fairy tales! Give me some proof! Something that gives any substantiated evidence of the beliefs of the religious. ALL other provable beliefs that were written about sooo long ago have since been discredited with out question (ie.- the flatness of the earth, blood letting for cures, stoning people for working on Sundat, blah, blah, blah) I guess I’m rallying against close mindedness… Now I know what religious people will say… I’m the close minded one… But let’s look at this. I believe anything could be possible with proof. You believe only one thing is possible.. WITH OUT PROOF! I know thats where faith comes into the picture… To me faith is another word describing ‘close-mindedness’!! Anyways, I apologise again for my language before.. peace to all!

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