‘Echoes’ At #4 This Week

user submitted pictureBubbeminza queen Danielle Steele has hit the bestseller list again with yet another bodice-ripping, housewife-porn potboiler about a Jewish heroine during WWII.
“Bookish, raven-haired beauty Beata Wittgenstein meets dashing French nobleman Antoine de Vallerand while on vacation in Switzerland and falls passionately in love…”
Yawn. Not really our genre (we’re reading Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs) but we thought someone might be searching for some tribal fluff to read during their vacation.
We’d always assumed Steele was Jewish, but it turns out she’s half– and the wrong half, at that: Jewhoo reports that she’s a practicing Christian Scientist. However, if she goes through religions like she goes through husbands, she’ll be onto Kabbalah any minute.

One thought on “‘Echoes’ At #4 This Week

  1. “She goes through religions like she goes through husbands” I bet she’s one of those “experimenting” types. What HASN’T she done? I’ll sign up for lessons, she aint half bad (cuz that half is jewish).

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