Early Mother’s Day Gift

yentaLook what I got in my mailbox! Only other mothers can truly appreciate the blood, sweat, guilt, meal planning and patience of motherhood — and that’s why this unexpected prezzie from Modern Jewish Mom Meredith L. Jacobs is such a treasure. Not only does it tell the world exactly who I am, it’s one of those super-flattering cuts that makes my shoulders look buff. Dahlink, I’ll wear it ’til it’s threadbare and the “y” peels off. Plus, she sent me a “yenta” mug; what better vessel to get jacked up on green tea while I blog?

These items, along with more adorable swag, are available for the Jewish mamas in your life — as well as Meredith’s funny and practical book The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat. (Read my glowing review here.) There’s still time to ship for Mother’s Day — but you’d better gib zich a shukl!

3 thoughts on “Early Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Interesting little debate you have going on down below… and I’m glad to see you said what needed to be said to that JfJ dude.

    When I taught religious school I taught a “Yiddish” word of the day. The kids liked it, the parent liked it and I had a good time. Just think, you could come to class in your new T-shirt to start it off!

    Enjoy the fair trade coffee and I hope the new house is working out nicely!

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