Dissin’ “A Bissel Rap”

user submitted pictureAww, shucks, SomethingJewishUK harshes on Joel Moss and his Bissel Rap in this week’s Super 7, saying that “while we respect his good intentions, his attempt to break into the Jewish rap…is just embarrassing, and brings back bad memories of Two Live Jews, who at least were a parody.”
Gosh, we know we’re provincial and all, but we really liked it! Sure, if every single one of his raps kept drawing on every minorly Jewish-related item from the lexicon it would get tired, but as a single, it’s a well-referenced introduction to a new voice. We still love ya, SJ, but then again, we love everybody, don’t we?

5 thoughts on “Dissin’ “A Bissel Rap”

  1. Aw, SJ really does rock…those women do an awesome job. But doncha just hate it when you like something and someone else disses it? Had to defend ol’ Joel, cuz his lil’ rap was cute.

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