Ding Dong, Meet Dana International

I don’t know how the completely fabulous Dana International has flown under my radar considering my adoration for rockin’ trannies. (I think my affection comes from the deep respect for the bravery it takes to be who you are and also the superior make-up application abilities that far surpass my own.)

I feel so darn provincial: This supergorgeous superstar is considered one of the most famous transsexual (transgender?) celebrities in the world. The disco queen will be representing Israel in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusselfdorf in May—13 years aftershe won the entire shebang in 1998 for her song “Diva.”

Check out 2011’s “Ding Dong“, which may or may not have the same intended double entendre as Lady Gaga’s “disco stick”:

I’m thinking we need a full-on Gaga/Dana collaboration wearing giant horns in weird places dancing around an effigy of Quaddafi…

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