Dildos Against Alito

jwwThe clever chicks of JewishWomenWatching, an activist group that raises awareness about homophobia and sexism within the Jewish community, have launched what may be one of the most hilarious, effective actions EVER:

To “create a buzz” around the Jewish community’s silence on the potential loss of women’s reproductive freedom with the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, they’ve sent Jewish leaders across the country a little gift: vibrators.

“How can Jews be silent while the government imposes its Christian agenda on our bodies?” JWW asks.

Advocating accurate sex education and “medical care regulated by science, not Jesus” and promoting free orgasms to those in organized positions? Kudos, ladies. But are y’all watching the looks on the recipients’ faces when they open the package?

21 thoughts on “Dildos Against Alito

  1. I enjoyed the comments which were directed to women readers. Perhaps you should add men to the invite to read as there are many of us (mostly the left wing liberals) who are in agreement and enjoy the tongue and cheek type of responses. You could even sell vibrators with a saying silk screened on them. LOL, LOL

  2. My comments appear in #2, however, the line stating, “your comment is awaiting moderation” was not included in what I wrote. I do not appreciate anyone altering the things I write.

  3. Jessica: Do you endorse the message of this group? Do you know who they are? Where they came from and what else they support? All the cute humor and slick flash sequence aside, they are some people many of your readers would find ojectionable. Can we say… “Hamas friendly?”

  4. Steve, nobody’s going to alter anything you write; I appreciate the comments. However, if you’ve never posted here before, it’s necessary for me to review comments to make sure they’re appropriate.

    Sam, I have found nothing to support your claim that Jewish Women Watching is “Hamas-friendly.” If you have information other than what is available on the Web, please share it.
    Also, we’ve never met, so please address me as “Yenta” or “Moderator.”

  5. Conservative viewpoints, including those which deplore abortion, are not the sole purview of Jesus or Christianity. Second, regarding Alito: objections to Roe vs. Wade have more to do with a stretching of the constitutional right to privacy than with reproductive freedom. In addition, the controversy is whether right to an abortion should be a “state’s rights” issue, or a Federal one. The erosion of state’s rights in favor of Federal rights will in the long run be more dangerous – and give us less freedom to govern ourselves. And to say that the Founding Fathers really meant to say that we have a constitutional right to an abortion is as big a stretch as saying that if our sages lived in modern times, they would have said halacha doesn’t really matter… Oh wait! Silly me…

  6. Perri, it’s okay to be a Republican. However, the unfortunate side attributes of many a Conservative is the fervent desire to impose their opinions and beliefs on the rest of the population.
    Nobody here has said the Founding Fathers have guaranteed the right to an abortion.
    But many people, including me and Jewish Women Watching, have concerns about the government interfering with a woman’s freedom about the choices she makes for her own body. The Supreme Court currently protects a woman’s right to choose and Alito’s track record for upholding those rights does not inspire confidence.

  7. Lemme get this straight: when Conservatives try to impose their beliefs on the rest of the population, it’s bad – But when Liberals try to impose their beliefs on the rest of the population – it’s good? Why? Because they’re so tolerant of “diversity”? Especially when “diversity” means people of all races, genders, and orientations – so long as they think just like me –

    I assume you’re aware the Jewish Women Watching supports “Jews for Justice for Palestinians”.

  8. Oh -Regarding the Founding Fathers issue – That is what’s happened. The Federal “right to an abortion” exists because the Supreme Court decided that the Constitutional Right to Privacy includes the right to have an abortion. Regardless of my personal feelings about the “right to choose”, it stretches the Right to Privacy far beyond the intent of the Constitution. This is the Supreme Court making law instead of upholding it. The Legislative Branch of government makes law; the Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch; it determines whether a case upholds or deviates from Constitutional law. When the Supreme Court gets involved in making law, our government loses the “checks and balances” that makes our nation what it is.

  9. Yenta,

    I checked Sam’s facts. Two people who have presented themselves to the media as spokespersons for Jewish Women’s Watch have long ties with -and are currently hosting programs on- Pacifica Radio (specifically, WBAI out of NY). Pacifica Radio has a long history of Anti-Israel, Pro-Hezbollah, Pro-Hamas programming as befits their extreme, leftist political position. Call me crazy, but this could be why JWW prefers to have an “anonymous” membership.

  10. Hey Perri, remember the 10th Amendment?

    No? Read it again.

    The Federal government shouldn’t even BE involved in the abortion issue.

    My main beef with radical conservatives is that they only tollerate Jews because we have issues with radical palestinians and hate-mongering muslims.

    But don’t forget the the radical conservatives were buring Jews alive a few hundred years ago. Jews have fought to keep our traditions and our faith alive for centuries and when any radical group tries to impose their beliefs on the rest it endangers our way of life.

    Alito strikes me as one of those crazy Catholics that would have participated in the murdering of Jewish for not “converting”, his extremist record gives me the chills.

    The key to peace is to “live and let live”, especially when it comes to keeping our heritage alive and progressing.

  11. Then you can understand Sam and my outrage and surprise at your supporting an organization like Jewish Women Watching, that talks about equality and freedom, but actively supports suicide/homicide bombers killing innocent Israelis.

    Regarding Alito – Alito’s record is in 2 categories: Lawyer and Judge. Our nation recognizes that lawyers are paid advocates who frequently take on cases and clients whose causes they do not personally endorse. Alito’s arguements vis-a-vis abortion were made at his client’s behest. He was paid to make those arguments. To say that means that he personally held those views is akin to saying that Tookie Williams’ lawyer endorsed murderand gang warfare. Alito’s first stirrings as a Supreme Court Justice have been aligned with the Liberal Minority, not the Conservative Majority. A moderate, “tolerant” approach would be to wait and see how he rules from his new bench.

    I agree with you: the Federal Government does not belong in the abortion debate – That is why the Supreme Court -an arm of the Federal Government -should not have made the determination that abortion is guaranteed in the Constitution. It is not.

    If you are pro-choice – those who advocate for reproductive rights have ignored the true battle ground, which is the State Legislature. State after state has virtually outlawed abortion under the nose of the pro-choice community. The problem ain’t Alito, it’s Sacramento.

    Regarding “radical conservatives burning Jews alive a few hundred years ago” – In far more recent history, Democrats were burning crosses and lynching African Americans… Jewish Women Watching currently supports groups involved in the bombing and burning of our brothers and sisters in Israel – but they give out cute little vibrators – so I guess they must be okay.

    If the “key to peace is ‘live and let live'”, should we let live groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and their buddies in Jewish Women Watching which seek to destroy us along with our heritage? Should we all just light-up a joint, chill-out, and do nothing while our families in Israel are being killed?

  12. It is interesting to note that the rhetoric on Roe v. Wade is way out of proportion to the issue. Asuuming that the decision is overturned tommorrow all that happpens is that the State legislatures decide the issue. Some States like NY and CA. will no doubt keep the status quo, other state will enact some minor restirctions others will ban the procedure.

    Courts should avoid setting public policy unless there is a clear constitutional mandate requiring a given qutcome. Legislatures are charged under our system with setting public policy. there are elected bodies and represnt the will of the people.

  13. Fascinating how a post on vibrators ended up in a discussion of Constitutional Law. For my part, liberal Jews that support “Palestinian rights” make me sick. Why not just go over to the Gaza Strip and help them build the bombs? If Jewish Women Watching is really pro-Palestinian, they can take there vibrators and shove then you-know-where while “watching” me flip them off.

  14. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that groups like Jewish Women Watching, who purport to be feminist- and other left-wingnuts who advertise themselves as feminists- support Palestinians etc? So-called Feminist groups support political entities who commit serious atrocities against women, and have the most severe limitations on women’s rights – Strange, nu?

    Yenta – Heads-up on this, please.

    I’m still writing on this thread because -while the vibrator thing is cute and clever- this is serious stuff. Groups that put themselves out there as supporting Jewsish causes and rights for women- ought to stand up to closer scrutiny than this. They ought not support those who -as a matter of public policy- seek to destroy the Jewish people, and -as a matter of policy- mutilate female genitalia and subjugate women in the most brutal ways.

  15. Perry, you’re making some serious leaps here. Perhaps two women with disagreeable, pro-Palestinian politics are associated with JWW, but I still cannot find a lick of proof that JWW is “pro-Palestinian” and therefore supports the mutilation of female genitalia.
    It seems to me that JWW is made up of all kinds of Jewish women, from Reform to Orthodox, who want to seem some liberal, feminist change from the patriarchal Jewish leadership in this country. Their tactics are creative, funnny and effective. While I may not agree with every single one of their member’s politics, I like what the group is doing.
    You obviously don’t, but keep the discussion on topic, if you would. Again, if you have information to support your claims, please share it.

  16. Jessica:

    JWW is closely associated with WBAI, which is a leftist, radical radio network, which is PRO-PALESTINIAN. JWW is featured on the Pacifica network, and JWW spokespeople appear on their programs.

    The purpose of JWW is to erase/reform Jewish life, customs and traditions, which is also the stated goal of Hamas.

    You are really in good company, Yenta… keep it up!

  17. Yenta –

    The purpose of a “spokesperson” is to speak for a group. The JWW spokespeople are clearly, strongly, pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas – a culture which performs ritualized mutilation of female genitalia. That’s not a “serious leap”, but a small step. A serious leap might be to say that even though JWW spokespeople are pro-Palestinian – and even though they have STATED that their desire is to erase or “reform” Jewish life, customs, and traditions, that doesn’t mean that JWW is really pro-Palestinian. Actually, that’s more than a “serious leap”, it’s a denial of reality. Follow the Google trail, Yenta, it’s all there – within a couple of clicks.

  18. Yenta, you might well be aware of some members of JWW who feel otherwise -perhaps they are also ignorant as to the roots and real agenda of this group.

  19. Perri, I’m pretty sure I know how to use Google and still cannot find the information you’re writing about. Please help me find where JWW states that its purpose is to “erase” Jewish tradition. I’ve asked you twice already to post URLs; if you’re serious about making your point, it’s always more useful to back up your claims with actual information rather than heresy.

    And Sam, your personal editorial frusturations do want warrant ugly sarcasm. The company I keep includes people who think for themselves and won’t be bullied by a couple of people who have strong opinions.

    While I appreciate that the two of you read and comment here, I’m requesting for the last time that you mind your manners.

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