Diggin’ Up Arafat

Gawd, why won’t sociopathic meglomaniacs just stay dead? Eight years after PLO powergrabber Yasser Arafat finally vacated the planet, his widow wants his decomposed remains exhumed. Just what the world needs: Terrorist zombies.

Reuters reports that after “surprisingly” high levels of radioactive polonium-210 were found on Arafat’s clothing, Suha Arafat is lobbying the French courts for another autopsy. The French doctors who treated him while he was in a coma never did file an official cause of death, and accusations swirled that he’d somehow been quietly been murdered.

The list of possible suspects is very, very long: The Israelis, with whom he gleefully baited with peace treaties that he then refused to sign, of course; us Americans, for whom his disingenuous nonsense and bald-faced lies caused myriad diplomatic kerfuffles; his own Palestinian brethren who starved, died and otherwise suffered under the greedy facism he flouted as beneficent reign. Not to mention a long line of mistreated servants, mistresses, bastard children and other discontented folks who didn’t agree that blowing up buses and schools was the best strategy for brokering a better life.

So fine, dig up the keffiyeh-head’s decomposed remains. Really, is anyone going to be surprised that this hateful piece of shit was poisoned?

One thought on “Diggin’ Up Arafat

  1. My vote for the guilty culprit would be an Arafat peep. As one of his men said back in the day, “He promised us Singapore, but he gave us Somalia.”

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