Definitely Never, Ever Chozzerai of the Week

Are ya freakin’ kidding me?

MUMBAI–A new line of bedspreads called the “NAZI Collection” has provoked fury among India’s Jewish community.

Jews in the financial capital Mumbai are now looking into legal options to block the sale of the product line, the promotional material for which features swastikas, the Times of India newspaper said Sunday.

“We Jews believe that the best part of living in India is that it is a country that has never ridiculed us or harmed us,” said Jonathan Solomon, chairman of the Indian Jewish Federation.

The makers say “NAZI” stands for “New Arrival Zone of India,” while the swastika is also a commonly used Hindu symbol.

“It really does not matter to me who feels bad about it,” furnishing dealer Kapilkumar Todi was quoted as saying.

Last year, a restaurant in Mumbai — home to around 5,000 of the total 6,000 Jews in India — had to change its name from “Hitler’s Cross” following similar complaints.

And before you start thinking bedding manufacturers are only that backasswards on the other side of the world, remember this?

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