Debbie Friedman Needs Our Prayers

The Jewish Journal reports that beloved songwriter and composer Debbie Friedman has been hospitalized in Orange County, CA.

She is reportedly sedated and on a respirator, according to an email sent Wednesday from the West Coast office of the Union for Reform Judaism. The email asked that prayers be said on Friedman’s behalf, as well as for her mother, sister and aunt. An immensely popular singer and songwriter, Friedman, who is in her late fifties, is widely credited with reinvigorating synagogue music by introducing a more folksy, sing-along style to American congregations. In 2007, she was appointed to the faculty of the Reform movement’s cantorial school in a sign that her style had gained mainstream acceptance.

As we power down for Shabbos, I know many will be thinking of this great woman during the singing of “Mi Sheiberach” during services—it’s the lovely prayer for healing that she herself composed. It has brought solace to so many, and I hope it will bring the same to her to and family during this time.

Grateful for my health, the health of my loved ones—heartfelt prayers to all those struggling with theirs. A peaceful Shabbat to all.

3 thoughts on “Debbie Friedman Needs Our Prayers

  1. Shocked and upset at the news about Debbie Friedman.

    We said a prayer for healing at Finchley Progressive Synagogue tonight.

    Get well soon Debbie.

    With love


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