Dancing to the Shofar: Unavoidable

Just in time for it to go viral for the Holydaze, the cartoon Torah geniuses at G-dcast have teamed up with Savannah’s own Jewish Southern hip-hop maestro, Prodezra Beats, to give us a kickin’ new take on the story of Abraham and Isaac. Let the head-bobbing begin:

Thank you to my favorite lunch lady and partner in hot sauce crime, Marcia Silverman, for the link!

I predict 5771 to be Prodezra Beats’ breakout year: Check out more of his catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics on the EP “Proud to Be.” May his talents be known as far and wide as another international Jewish superstar, SoCalled, who reminds us that there’s nothing so unusual about being a Jewish cowboy. Or cowgirl, as it were.

One thought on “Dancing to the Shofar: Unavoidable

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