Cross, Word.

Still have time to kill between reading Yo, Yenta! and playing Farmville on Facebook? Then you absolutely must play Ethan Friedman’s Jewish crossword puzzle for Tablet. According to the press release about the word challenge, “Friedman makes the connection of how Jewish culture leads to the type of thinking needed to successfully complete such puzzles.”

In terms of the difficulty scale set by the almighty New York Times, it’s got to be a Monday or a Tuesday because I haven’t yet stamped my foot or thrown my laptop against the wall in frustration. But if I don’t finish by sundown I will revisit the suspicion that I do not, in fact, harbor the intelligence of my ancestors and was adopted.

Friedman is a protegé of NYT crossword macher Will Shortz and created this one in honor of this weekend’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament taking place in Brooklyn — I bet if my mother-in-law still had all her wits, she could kick some tuchus there.

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