Crazy Yentas Still Kickin’ Tuchus

roseanneEveryone knows Jewish mothers are a little crazy, but it comes to giving out first prize trophies for meshuggah, these two win. You’ve got Sarah Bernhard, bulldozing her way through her lesbian pre-Esther Madonna days and then emerging again to the public spotlight, only to start sh*t-talkin’ on morning TV and pissing off the prissy ladies on The View, then getting her MAC lipstick commerical pulled. And then there’s Roseanne, who, along with her other personalities, basically wrote the book on batsh*t.

And I love both of them. I worship at the pedicured toenails of the these screamingly hilarious divas for their unapologetic presence in a world that would rather not hear from loud, smart, gleefully inappropriate in ways that-make-your-pootie-pucker types of women. Sandra and Roseanne are heroes, do you hear me?

Sarah’s out there these days performing, skewering George Bush and his ilk on a verbal shish kabob and practicing a personal form of non-obnoxious kabbalah. And Rosie’s in Vegas and has a fat (in juicy, exciting way that has nothing to do with eating disorders) blog, where she dabbles in everything from kabbalah to Katrina relief.

Like it or not, these are the crones of Jewish mother culture and we must pay respect. Otherwise, at least one of them is known to spit.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Yentas Still Kickin’ Tuchus

  1. Um, Chia, I read through all Rosie’s posts on Israel, and I didn’t find anything too shocking. Sure, she disapproves of the Israeli government and expresses compassion for the Palestininan people, but many liberal Jews have similar opinions. Don’t see how she defends Hitler; I thought her view on the Ashkenazic/Sephardic split was interesting, though I did cringe at the German Jews being considered “bastards.”

    I actually dig all her New Age Kabbalah stuff; she’s writing from her heart. The woman’s crazy crazy, and she’s quite up front about it, so why get upset? It’s just her admittedly skewed view of history and life, and she knows an awful lot. I still think she’s awesome.

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