Crazy for Bendels

user submitted pictureWe knew it would happen. The red Kabbalah bracelets seen on every celebrity wrist from Britney to David Beckham to Demi and Ashton, also known as bendels, have become a fashion fad as well as protection from all forms of earthly evil. The New York Times‘ article reads like a bad Teen Vogue story, quoting a Kabbalah-tsotchke purveyor: “It’s all about, `I’ve got to wear what the celebrity has.’ “
Of course, now that they’re all the rage, we’ll have to retire ours. Damn, just when we thought we’d averted the evil eye for good…

3 thoughts on “Crazy for Bendels

  1. I just read that David Beckham was flown to Finland on Monday for surgery on an Achilles tendon injury. I hope not that this could end his playing career.

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