Congratulations, Mr. Mayor

Mucho mazel to Rahm Emanuel on his victory in Chicago!

In spite of an attempt to render his run ineligible by some who questioned his ChiTown residency (to whom I’m sure he would have flipped his right middle finger, if he had one), the former Official Presidential Foulmouth soared into office with 55% of the vote against five opponents.

“Rahmbo” is already kicking tuchus and taking names in ChiTown, starting with the chief of police and the CEO of public schools. I just love dis guy—can’t wait to visit my dear friend Kitty just so’s I can drop in on a City Council meeting.

Speaking of City Council meetings and mayors, Savannah’s got a SITUATION that keeps on getting uglier and more embarrassing like a zit on prom night. The nasty blemish is boiling with the Council’s inability to come to compromise on the hiring of a new city manager, a process that’s hanging in the gallows after a botched search, racially-charged accusations from Mayor Otis Johnson and those who support the installment of acting city manager Rochelle Small-Toney in spite her inability to be approved for the required million dollar bond, questionably-legal closed door meetings and internal affairs investigations and a whole lotta bad press and bad feelings, including a Facebook page called “Step Down, Mr. Mayor” with over 1400 followers.

The prom is St. Patrick’s Day, when legions of beer-swilling tourists descend upon the city for the second-largest Irish-themed party in the country. The green fountain in Forsyth Park and the seven-hour parade attract plenty of national press, and if someone doesn’t get some political Clearasil on this fast, the city’s adolescent attitudes will be on display for the world to gawk at.

City Council meeting today at 2—I’ll keep ya posted.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Mr. Mayor

  1. I just wish I could see video of what went on in that household while they were growing up! Their parents raised 3 mashugana accomplished wild and crazy guys! One befriends a President, the Ari has a sitcom made about him and the other is a doctor. What Kool-Aid did they drink?!

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