Clawing Back From Katrina

user submitted pictureSo sorry for the silence, folks. The Gulf Coast Jmerica outpost seems to have been lit into by that nasty hurricane bee-otch and has only just gotten the electricity restored. But hey, we Jews have survived a helluva lot more than a little wind, rain and flying palm trees, so we expect to be back up to speed soon.
Meanwhile, those of us out here on the Left have returned to our desks and are sorting through the news of the past two weeks:
There seems to have been a lot more crying and hugging than shooting and hitting during the Gaza disengagement, thank Hashem. Our admiration continues to grow for the Israeli soldiers and settlers who handled this difficult time with grace.
Even Sharon has a little soft spot in our hearts now.
However, the evacuated settlers who abandoned their pets deserve a spanking.

Photo c/o Reuters.

One thought on “Clawing Back From Katrina

  1. the news from New Orleans is horrible. We might not be able to visit the French Quarter again, let alone the residents won’t be able to go home either.

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