Cheer Coach Takes Her Pom Pom Prejudice Outta Dodge

Give us a “V” for “Victory”: Athens, GA will soon be rid of Marilou Braswell, the cheerleading coach whose case we have been following ever since she tried to intimidate a Jewish cheerleader into “mandatory” Bible study to qualify for the varsity cheer squad at the University of Georgia. Braswell has claimed that she never did anything wrong, but after being fired and losing her appeal against the school (whose officials say she owes $300,000 for camps she hosted), she’s finally got it through her airhead that she should take her Christian-only pep rally crap elsewhere. Surely, there is some small Bible college in Eastern Kentucky who will appreciate it. In the meantime, we think it’d be really cool to hire a cantor for her vacant position. Who better to fire up a crowd?

2 thoughts on “Cheer Coach Takes Her Pom Pom Prejudice Outta Dodge

  1. Serves her right, keep our cheerleaders leading cheers, not leading twisted bible studies on interpretations acording to some nut-jobs from Georgia who couldnt tell the difference between G-d and Bush.

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