Chassidic Boogaloo!

Check this fabulous video of one rubbery yeshiva boy breakin’ like there’s no tomorrow.

It sure looks like David Lavon, that very hot kid from the original Yeshiva Boys Gone Wild clip, whose dancing launched a thousand extremely un-frum-like crushes.

Sadly, all traces of David’s highly entertaining and super-blogged video seem to have been removed from the Web (Copyright issues? Angry rabbi?) All that’s left is this lame remix spliced to a Backstreet Boys song instead dubbed to that incredibly rockin’ “L’Cha” by The Chevra. But it’s worth watching if you just can’t get enough of David’s moves and his adorable punim.

Don’t let that crush get outta hand, though — carries the news that David is getting married. Mazel Tov!

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