Pink: Stupid Girl

pinkThe Yenta may share Jewish ancestry and a penchant for tattoos and Manic Panic hair dye with Pink, but the similarities stop there.

The (largely talentless, IMHO) pop singer is going around defending Mel Gibson, saying “Alcohol makes you do crazy things.” Yes, like taking your top off at a fraternity party or shaving your head, dear. But hatred against Jews doesn’t float around the bottom of a tequila bottle.

Speaking of the man who launched a thousand letters from the ADL, Mel’s publicist says he’s too busy with rehab to apologize to an L.A. congregation on Yom Kippur. The rabbi says he’ll take a rain check.

Borat: the Stanley Milgram experiment with a bad accent

boratNaomi Alderman, writer for The Guardian, made an interesting observation of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character and how it parallels the famous obedience experiment by Stanley Milgram. If you’re not familiar with the ground-breaking psychological study by Milgram then check out the wikipedia article to brush up.

In The Guardian, Alderman explains how the very presence of Borat is like a micro-Milgram experiment where the “participants” are prodded to spilling their (racist) beans where they even allow Borat’s anti-Semitism and misogyny to run rampant, sometimes without objection and even worse, with encouragement. The Head Yenta once blogged about Borat’s “Throw the Jew Down the Well” performance at a country music bar, a perfect example where Borat tricks an audience into revealing it’s true colors (and they aren’t pretty).

Alderman writes:

The reason it is unsettling to hear Borat sing “Throw the Jew down the well” is because of the reaction of those listening. Some sit in mute astonishment and horror. But some join in. Some sing along, smile and stamp their feet. One woman even – unprompted, mind you – puts her fingers to her forehead to make horns when he sings, “You must take [the Jew] by his horns.” Borat is unsettling not because his opinions are outlandish but because he reveals how many ordinary people share them.

In the 60’s Stanley Milgram wondered why the German people allowed the Nazis to commit such atrocities to the Jews and performed an experiment that “shocked” the world out of its ignorance. Today, Borat is still shocking audiences and revealing the anti-Semitism that festers decades later.

For One Kvell, Two Momzers

golbdergYou can be proud of this one: 70-year-old New Jersey Institute of Technology professor Vladislav Goldberg has helped solve a mathematical riddle once called “hopeless” by Nazi mathmetician Wilhem Blaschke.

But elsewhere in the news, it’s a shanda over Boaz Benmoshe and Ofer Moses Lupovitz, arrested for “pimping, pandering, perjury, loan fraud, money laundering, falsifying income tax returns and grand theft.”

Sad that Goldberg’s mother isn’t around anymore to kvell over her son’s accomplishments. Lord knows what Benmoshe’s and Lupovitz’s will have to suffer at the next Hadassah meeting.

Belly Laughs For Blue

josh blueHat tip to the Jewish Blogmeister for the 411 that Josh Blue slayed the audience enough times to become the Last Comic Standing. (I didn’t know Blue was Jewish, but I trust the Blogmeister.)

From Josh’s bio:

A gifted stand-up comedian and talented U.S. Paralympic soccer player, Josh Blue refuses to bow to any of the challenges that come from living with cerebral palsy. He jokes, “I realize that people are going to stare so I want to give them something to stare at.”

Elevating self-deprecation to an art form, this guy blasts through stereotypes about people with disabilities. Though it’s far from his only subject matter, some of Josh’s funniest gags spring from his disability (his “bad arm” routine is so wicked you wonder if its legal.)

From his phenomenal web site:

It’s been overwhelming to say the least and I’m crippled by your support. I wish I had the time to personally respond but let’s just say I’m a slow typer…I started this on Wednesday. One finger typing can be a bitch.

The dude’s hilarious — and dare I say … sexy? Check this Last Comic Standing clip if you missed the season. The world will surely be hearing more from Josh Blue, Jew or not.

Jewish Music crowned by American Idol Underground

Beth Schafer Who knew that good ol’ Hebrew/English tunes would win out on American Idol’s Underground competition for the faith-based category? The “Underground” branch of American Idol highlights sub genres of music that are not yet ready for the mainstream (read: for teeny bopers). In the faith-based category one can assume that it was littered with all kinds of Christian music, being that this is American Idol!

Its amazing and refreshing (in light of Gibson’s big mouth) to know that Jewish music took the crown among the thousands of entries.

Beth Schafer explains:

“My songs combine the rich tradition of interpreting Jewish sacred texts with the high production values of contemporary Christian music. The themes are universal which appeal to Jewish and Christian fans alike,” said Schafer. She added, “I hope to build bridges throughout the interfaith community with my music and emphasize that we all have more in common than not.”

Congrats to Beth Schafer, her music is available online too, check it out.

Who Knew? Einstein Was A Play-ah

young einsteinCatching up on Hebrew news that doesn’t involve Hezbollah, I had to go a few weeks back to find something interesting:

Hebrew Univerisity has published a batch of letters between Albert Einstein and his second wife/first cousin Elsa that detail his ongoing extramarital affairs with at least half a dozen women.

In other words, the worldwide icon for “smart Jew” was a cheatin’ bastard.

Of course he tried to play it off to his wife that it was all “unwanted affection” and he was just keeping the ladies happy, but any guy trying to pull that nowadays would be hung by his toes on “Oprah” and sent straight to Sex Adddicts Anonymous.

Personally I find the thought of gettin’ inti with Einstein repulsive, although he is adorable in a nebbishy sort of way. But Albie worked the nerd thing like a man with deeper understanding into the workings of the universe: Even Marilyn Monroe is said to have wanted to get into his pants.

Here he is in 1905 c/o I’ll concede that Young Einstein is kind of a babe, but moustaches give me the willies.

Return of the Coreys

the coreysThe following item has the giddy brace-faced 14 year-old in me doing the white girl boogaloo: 80’s teen idols Corey Feldman and Corey Haim have a reality show in the works for the USA network. From

“The Coreys” picks up with Feldman living the comfortable suburban life with his wife Suzie and son, until circumstances bring his old pal Haim back into the picture. Episodes would follow Haim — single and the total opposite of Feldman — as he shakes life up for the Feldmans.

I just had the guilty pleasure of watching “The Lost Boys” at 2 o’clock in the morning (exactly how long is it supposed to adjust to a three-hour time change?) for perhaps the 11,000th time in my life. If the Coreys can match their wicked fast teen boy chemistry with some edgy post-rehab repartee, they’ll match any of the crap on TV, easy.

Natalie Portman will NOT be Nude… again!

Natalie PortmanBack in December of 2004, the Head Yenta herself promised us (then I was still a loyal reader) that the Jewish Princess of Hollywood, Natalie Portman, would be nude on a screen near you. Well it didn’t happen, her legions of fans had to settle for a thong (not too shabby, I’d say!)

I, Pepe Pringos, am sad to report that we cannot deliver the promise that the Head Yenta made two years ago (don’t shoot the messenger) that Natalie Portman was going to bear it all in the name of artistic expression, not even in the new film “Goya’s Ghosts”.

The rumor was all over the Internet this weekend but the word from Natalie Portman’s camp is that a body double will be used in the naked torture scene of the film.

Here on, we aim to dispel common misconceptions that gentiles have of Jews, and one of those is that Jewish women can’t be super models or “pin-up” icons. Jewish women are among the most beautiful on earth, Ms. Portman is living proof of than and on that note… I still can’t wait to see “Goya’s Ghosts”!

Say it aint so, Matisyahu! has bad news for Orthodox fans of Matisyahu living in the land of Oz:

He’s been billed as the world’s first ultra-Orthodox reggae star, but there will be no religious faces in the crowd when Matisyahu tours Australia for the first time next month.

The 27-year-old Chassidic Jew from New York is scheduled to play shows during the Three Weeks, the period between Tammuz 17 and Tisha b’Av when attending concerts is expressly forbidden.

I’m definitely not Orthodox but I still feel for those fans who, out of their devotion for their faith, will miss out on live versions of “Youth” and “King without a Crown” (hear ’em both on MySpace). That concert promoter must have had his/her head in the sand or stuck in the pouch of a Kangaroo for booking these shows at these inappropriate dates. Plus, Matisyahu’s booking agent needs to consult a Rabbi for these sort of things, for the sake of the fans of course!

Jewish-Dolphin marriage ends with the death of Cindy

Cindy the Dolphin and Sharon Married!Our fearless leader the Head Yenta (who is still in the process of moving) enlightened us a few months ago to the story of a Jewish Millionaire, Sharon Tendler, who married a male dolphin named Cindy in Israel. Sadly this love story came to an end as Cindy turned belly up in the Eliat Reef on Sunday, still floating in his favorite spot. Reef workers say that he was not eating properly or swimming normally in the days before his death. He was given a proper burial at sea by the reef workers.

The article doesn’t seem to mention if Cindy’s Jewish wife Sharon Tendler was even at the funeral. She said she was “the happiest girl on earth” back when they got hitched in December of 2005. The word on the street is that Cindy has fathered plenty of offspring in the Eliat Reef so there are more fellas for Sharon to get acquainted with should she ever find love again with another dolphin.

Photo: c/o Ynet