Calling All Poets and Artsy Folk

mimaMy inspiration has lain fallow this year and I haven’t produced a new poem in ages, but for those of you with time to scribble away in coffeeshops and fill up journals with spiritually-themed prose and artwork, here’s an opportunity to bring it to an audience:

, a fabulous journal of Jewish art and culture out of NYC, is seeking submissions for their 2007 journal. I’m telling you, you should totally submit something, because you need to get over being shy about your art. C’mon, break out! Even if they don’t publish it, it’s good experience for you.

The editors took last year off, but I submitted this poem in 2005. They had me do quite a bit of editing for the final version, which kind of annoyed me, but I was honored to be included for sure. Go for it!

*Painting “The Third Day” by Shlomo Rydzinski originally published at Mima’

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