California In Da House

I finally got around to watching “Lazy Sunday,” the Andy Samberg/Chris Parnell skit that has apparently exhumed Saturday Night Live from the pits of lameness. Very, very funny, boys.

mark feuersteinBut I’m not the only one feeling a little ostracized by that whole New York-centric thing: Here comes Hebrew hottie Mark Feuerstein (who stole my heart back in the 90’s as Sandra Bullock’s ill-fated husband in Practical Magic, and in spite of a couple failed TV pilots, is still arguably one of the hottest Jewish men onscreen, big, small or ‘puter) and his bro Adam Stein with a West Coast answer to the deli and cab references:

Watch the “Lazy Monday: Color Me Mine” rap and find out how a couple Jews with too much time on their hands are fueling the vicious cupcake/macchiato feud. Let’s hope the only casualties of this vanilla version of Death Row vs. Bad Boy results in a few love handles.

Hat tip to Defamer.

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