Bruno Movie Opens This Friday and You Are Not Ready

Oy gevalt, if you thought Sascha Baron Cohen’s especially disturbing brand of comedy was offensive coming from his bumbling chauvinist character Borat (remember “Throw the Jew Down the Well”?), you’d better steer clear of Bruno.

However, if the exposition of the ignorant, rascist and homophobic underbelly of world culture cracks your sh*t up, get your Fandango on!

Here’s SBC as Bruno, modeling frum fashion and confusing terrorists with a Middle Eastern snack:

Many of us Jews forgave SBC for his anti-Semitic “jokes” in Borat because he used his Jewishness to reveal others’ latent hatred (personally, I came away from watching it with a need for a glass of Immodium and an urgent need to spend some quality time on the Anti-Defamation League web site.)

He’s using similar tactics to shine a diamond spotlight on homophobia, but since he’s engaged to a lady (his marriage to supercute Confessions of A Shopaholic star Isla Fischer has been postponed because she’s hasn’t converted yet), I’ve been wondering how the gay community is reacting to the stereotype Bruno perpetuates? Apparently, not so swimmingly.

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