Britney’s New-And-Improved Kabbalah Tattoo

user submitted pictureHere’s a shot of Kabbalah-wannabe Britney Spears engaging in one her favorite activities: getting silly tattoos that represent her “undying faith.” Her latest holy skin additions are a Hebrew symbol on the back of her neck that somehow means “the power of healing” (you may recall that her first Hebrew tattoo translated into nonsense; either it got fixed or she just crossed it out and inked on a new one) and a pair of pink dice on her wrist to match her husband Kevin’s blue ones. Classy and sincere.

6 thoughts on “Britney’s New-And-Improved Kabbalah Tattoo

  1. I’m so happy to hear that she’s found the wisdom of Judaism and the Kabbalah (too bad she’s a giant hypocrite getting a tattoo). Maybe she’ll find enough wisdom to not release another album.

  2. I converted to Judaism, in part, to embrace the non-judgmental selflessness that Jews embrace; apart from the fact that the religion embodies all I that I believe in and stand for, of course. So, who are we to judge the tattoo she gets!? At least this time she’s looking for inspiration from g-d. Shouldn’t we all do the same?

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