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Wednesday already? So sorry for my absence, friends. Y’all vote me Best Local Blogger and then I do a disappearing act like some meshuggneh celebrity who can’t handle the spotlight? Promise, I haven’t let the fame go to my head — please, let me ‘splain myself:

I’ve been busy getting up to speed for my new gig as Director of Communications at the esteemed Georgia Historical Society, one of the oldest cultural institutions in the country. To those outside Savannah, it might sound like some stuffy, dusty place filled with Confederate flags and little old ladies wringing their lace-gloved hands, but this stunning little library is actually a bustling hub of activity that oversees educational programming, a couple of magazines, genealogical services and all of those cool the statewide historical markers that I always pull over the van for — which, by the way, don’t just commemorate some forgotten military action but tell stories about African American history, the role of women in Georgia and other parts of history that won’t make you fall asleep.

The building itself is an architectural jewel, built in 1876 and occupied by the GHS ever since. Inside, tiers of dark wood house an incredible assemblage rare photographs, maps and documents relating to the 13th colony — including an original draft of the U.S. Constitution. GHS also houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Jewish life in the South, the Savannah Jewish Archives. (And would you believe I’ve made it in? SJA Chair Kay Kole just told me that the Connect article about Yo, Yenta! has been added to the clip file for future generations so — such an honor!)

So you can see why my nerdy little heart is just beating with joy that I get to help bring all of this to the people. Don’t worry, I’ll still be your Yenta as long as you’ll have me — I can’t wait to share what I find digging around in the stacks.

Please, come on over to for a tour, but let me get settled in — I’ve only got like 250 years to catch up on first, no big deal.

6 thoughts on “Brand New Hat

  1. “other parts of history that won’t make you fall asleep”

    Only women’s and black history is interesting? What a tragic comment on the state of our culture.

  2. T-Shirt Wearer:
    “Only women’s and black history is interesting? What a tragic comment on the state of our culture.” Is that what you gleaned from what I wrote? Not the case at all; though most people do not find military history scintillating.

  3. Not the only thing, of course, but it was the other thing that made my happy little heart frown.

    People SHOULD read military history and other history (how else to understand the past and, thus, the present and future?). For scintillating (yes, military) recent histories, try Michael Oren.

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