Boogie In The Tree of Life

I remain fascinated with the bridge between hip hop music and Orthodox Judaism. As disparate as they should be, Torah and tefillin on one hand and malt liquor and boobie shaking on the other, the two still manage to meet and hold strong–and it’s not all about Matisyahu, m’kay?

Six years later, Yo-Natan’s Hip Hop Shabbat CD is still on permanent rotation in the Yenta house. EtanG and Y-Love also spin Hebrew-inflected rhymes on my iPod, with the recent additions of tsitsit-swinging Nosson Zand of course, my local homeboy Reuben Formey and his soul-strumming Prodezra Beats to the playlist.

Here’s “Tree of Life,” a new collaboration of Prodezra Beats and Nosson Zand that’s been winding its way around. It’s all very kosher, but IHMO it could definitely inspire mixed dancing:

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