Boobie Q&A

taniaAlthough I’ve already hyped her hilarious book, I gotta direct you to a recent Phoenix Jewish News interview with Tania Katan, humor maven, breast cancer survivor and shirtless marathon wonder.

My favorite excerpt:

JN: You talk in the book about the genetic predisposition to breast cancer fround in many Jewish women. How has that knowledge affected your Jewish identity?

TK: … Haven’t Jews had to endure enough? I grew up in Tempe [AZ], where I felt like I was the only Jew anywhere. So culturally and religiously, I felt sort of different from lots of folks. And then having this genetic mutation that only affects a small number of people and, guess what, they happen to be Jews, I’m like “enough already.” We’ve suffered enough, we’ve walked through the desert, we’re exhausted.

The woman slays me, always.

Being a Yenta-come-lately I apologize for posting nary a thing about Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. But like many others, I did go ahead and have my usual Manic Panic red locks streaked pink in support.

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