Bless The Hippie Jews!

user submitted picture In our past incarnation as a Volkswagon-dwelling, fuzzy-pitted vegetarian hippie chick, we often ran into folks who spoke to us of a lovely, wonderful experience that happened every summer since 1972 called The Rainbow Gathering. Though we never made it to a “Gathering” (the VW broke down in NoCal and we’ve never left) we feel a certain kinship with our community-minded brothers and sisters who set up camp in a different national forest each year to celebrate the things our society seems to have forgotten.
Since it’s a spiritual gig, it makes sense that a hard-working group of observant hippies have set up Jerusalem Camp, complete with kosher organic kitchen and Torah study under the trees. Man, we wish we had the gas money to schlep out to West Virginia for July 4 weekend.

Hat tip to BeachHillel.

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