Beware of Jews in Pastor’s Clothing

The Washington Post reports on one Reverend Lon Solomon, born Jewish but a now born-again pastor bent on saving souls, especially us heathen Jews. (You’ll have to register on their site to get the full story.)
“At Metro stops and parks throughout the region in August, the church will launch what Solomon promises will be the most ambitious evangelical outreach ever to the area’s Jewish community. Hundreds of church volunteers will sing hymns on street corners and distribute literature aimed at converting Jews.”
Ick, this smacks of inquisitions, crusades and pogroms when Jews were given the choice to “eat the cracker” (our euphemism for converting to Christianity) or die. They may not be raping and pillaging, but gangs of streetcorner evangelists present a certain encroachment to freedom of religion and thought.
Frankly, we think people should mind their own f’in business when it comes to religion– you believe yours, we’ll believe ours and we’ll see ya after all this is over. However, we like to play little tricks on people with enough chutzpah to come to our homes (or get in our faces) uninvited and try to convert us. Last year, when a couple of acne-sprinkled Mormon boys showed up at our very off-the-beaten-path door, we pulled out our Gates of Prayer and invited them to pray with us. They left an hour later after a long soliloquy (ours) on the greatness of God and His wish that we respect the Word.
If you’re in the D.C. area and you run into any of these preacher creatures, act fascinated with their “we are the only way” crapola and then start davening like your life depended on it. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to engage in any intellectual rhetoric–it will fall on deaf ears.

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