Best Party of 2004- The Eve Party

The Eve Party The Eve Party It was a simple equation… Jmerica + AJAX Entertainment + Crobar + 1400 great looking people = The Eve Party. And let us just say it was a BLOWOUT to rival any party in the country, any day of the year. We want to give a HUGE shoutout to the crews from the ADL, AJC/YPN, Young President’s Club of Mount Sinai Medical Foundation and Park Avenue Entertainment for coming out. They were treated to bartenders and dancers in Junkfood fashions serving up drinks with 42 Below vodka. But don’t believe us- the night was documented in pictures by, or if you prefer a more artistic approach, Tomas Loewy. Jmerica’s own photographer was hard at work as well so check our Events page for even more shots. If you missed it, at least now you know where you’ll be December 24th, 2005- The Eve Party!!!
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7 thoughts on “Best Party of 2004- The Eve Party

  1. At around 11:30pm I went over to Cro Bar and “The Eve Party” and it was amazing. I always hated going out on this night because I had no where else to go. Now I am looking forward to next year. It was a great party.

  2. I went out on Christmas Eve and went to the Matzoh Ball first. There were no people there. I would say only 300 – 400 people. The party Sucked big time. Then as I was leaving someone told me about this Eve Party. I went over and lines were out the door. This was a fantastic party. I hooked up that night with a hot looking girl. All I can say is when are you guys going to throw a nother party?? I am now a memeber of your site and want to be informed about the next partys. I am out of here.

  3. Is someone who gets a “hook-up” getting a hooker? The pictures from your “Xmas” (!) party look like ads for “massage” parlors. An at least nominally Jewish organization throws what amounts to a Christmas Eve party wherein half-naked, often blonde women are photographed in provocative poses… Just what are you advertising anyway?

  4. On southbeach everyone shows up to Jewish parties i guess. Hang out on Washington Ave Weekend nights and you’ll see Jews and Gentiles in harmony (as much as possible) partying and even hooking up.

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