Bad news for Madge!

Ouch! Kabbalah’s favorite poster girl, Madonna, suffered a fall while riding a horse yesterday at her country estate. Reuters has the scoop:

The singer sustained three cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and a broken hand when she fell off her horse on Tuesday at Ashcombe House, where she was celebrating her 47th birthday with husband Guy Ritchie and two children Lourdes and Rocco.

Let’s hope she gets better. Maybe a few cases of Kabbalah water can start the healing process. Now’ she’s got the best opportunity to test out it’s “healing powers“.

(Photo courtesy of MTV News)

8 thoughts on “Bad news for Madge!

  1. Horses just love celebrities. Thankfully she didn’t get “Chris Reeved” (if that even counts as a verb) and she’ll walk away from the incident. I wouldnt know if Kaballah water has any diarrhea tho..

  2. everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was part of her destiny. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from this.

  3. You all are being a little tough on her. It seems like she was finally starting to get her life together. Hope she uses this miserable experience to continue to grow and become a better Mom.

  4. I believe that you houd read the5 books of moses7 just make sure you follow everything that god comands of you &for god we know is the real& only not trying to say tht in that untill now you werent doing the right things i”m just saying keep it up.

  5. hey come on u r a brave girl and u should have to heal up ok. and i want to see u again on high spirits ok. GOD will heal up u soon but u have to face this happence
    With good wishess
    A good wisher

  6. life is full of accidents so u should have to prepare ur self any time to face any of inccident . now u r facing a inccident but with courage and be happy coz ur smile is good like you
    A well wisher

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