Babs’ Expletives Sampled

barbraY’know, I will always love her for not fixing her nose, but Barbra Streisand had been relegated to the “old crazy celebrity” arena of my consciousness along with Gary Busey and Axl Rose. Though apparently the lady has some relevant spunk in her yet:

SomethingJewishUK reports
that when a someone heckled her recently for her comedic portrayal of George Bush, she snapped back a very clear request to “sheket b’vakashah,” except in a form of French. It only took a few weeks for DJ Lucian Piane (known as “RevoLucian) to mix in a few beats, and voila! Babs like you’ve never heard her before. Listen here!

Barbra, the way she was, c/o

One thought on “Babs’ Expletives Sampled

  1. LMAO!!!!! “Give him his money back…” and the crowd goes wild. I can’t wait for the kids to put this song on “the YouTubes”.

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