Art at the JEA

There’s an interesting show up at the JEA right now that y’all must check out.

Ching Levy
is a local Savannah artist who began her career on on rice paper using traditional Chinese brush strokes and has evolved into a unique, delicate style that incorporates Eastern and Western influences. She’s won awards all over the place and I just love her colorful, kind aesthetic:


A colorful flock gathers at the treetop
Singing in unison celebrating freedom
Hand in hand, living in one space
With united hearts and combined strengths for the earth

What I’m wondering is how such a talented Chinese Jewess has escaped the Yenta this long.

Ching Levy is Jewish, right? Related to the Levy’s Jewelers Savannah mishpocheh? Somehow?

Or has El Yenta Boy’s latest obession of all things Asian tricked me into a hopeful game of Jewish geography?

3 thoughts on “Art at the JEA

  1. Yours truly is offspring of the begats of Daniel Levan (he started life as an Alsatian Jew and wound up in Philadelphia, but that’s about all I know about him, except that I’ve got some of his genetic material and the same given name) — OK it’s on my mama’s side so I’m not a Levite halakhically speaking, I can live with that, but I still want in on this bling-bling mishpocheh action, a’right?

  2. Ms. Yo: Asian Jews, of the eastern-most regions of course (remember, Israel is located in Asia)- what a great thought, but regrettably, I haven’t met any yet. I once worked with a Philippine nurse who looked uncannily like my paternal grandmother (except my co-worker was 7 decades younger).

    Ching Levy’s work is beautiful.

  3. Cool blog! I’m gonna try to read all of your many many posts and put you on my blog roll. So happy to find a blog that relates to me!

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