Aren’t You Glad ‘Big Brother’ Was Watching?

I don’t watch much TV and would rather watch amateur squirrel golf than drivel like the humans-as-zoo animals wannabe social experiment Big Brother, and reader Johnny is right that I try to keep things positive around here and leave the anti-Semites for my man Abe Foxman to deal with, but Amber Tomcavage’s “reality TV” rant about how her mama taught her that Jews are bad, bad people is kind of enlightening. Or maybe not so much “enlightening” as “shockingly disturbing that people this dumb actually bathe and dress themselves”:

I’ve always assumed anyone who wanted to be on TV so badly that they would lock themselves up with strangers and be filmed 24/7 had to have problems that couldn’t be that much fun to watch. In this case, it’s excruciating.

If you didn’t make it too the end (I didn’t expect you to), her chaise-mate Jameka finally says timidly that Amber probably shouldn’t let other people hear her talk like that, because they might think she’s, y’know, rude or something. Although FOXNews says that Jameka had “no reaction” to Amber’s anti-Semitic tirade, I thought she did pretty well. She actually seemed scared and shocked at what was being said and was trying to lay low, lest Amber start going off on what her mother has to say about black people. What did FOX expect her to do, jump off of that giant chair and start pointing and shrieking “Bigot! Bigot!”?

After Jameka’s soft reprimimanding, Amber starts backpedaling, “Well maybe it’s just the Jews I know, which isn’t that many…” and then delivers this bimbo bomb: “Like there’s so much to think about, I can’t keep up with it all, girl!” Then she admits she’s done so many drugs that she has memory loss and stutters sometimes, and can’t remember more than 20 words at a time.

Am I the last of my generation that remembers when TV was Lawrence Welk and his bubbles, The Muppet Show and Charlie Brown specials? If the Jews are really running the media, how could prime time have gone so quickly from Kermit to anti-Semitic methheads?

5 thoughts on “Aren’t You Glad ‘Big Brother’ Was Watching?

  1. Love the ‘bimbo bomb’ bit – that’s a new one for me. Unlike you though, I’m thoroughly
    devoted to writing negative blogs, and Jew-hatred is my number one topic/peeve.
    What can I say, some people just don’t know how to plug into smiles.

  2. Dan:
    Here’s #2 of the Schvach Gloom and Doom Journal. It’s a medrassa – elementary school level, to become a component of the City of New York’s Board of Education. That’s right,
    an Islamic medrassa as a NYC public school, and to celebrate, a T-Shirt has been produced
    bearing the message ‘Intifada NYC’. Sorry Yo
    for thieving your ‘t-shirt of the week’ spiel, but I couldn’t resist. I’m like
    soooo bad. Here’s a URL to a pic.

  3. Oy! Glad to see someone made the point about separation of church & state … o’ course, it doesn’t help that the Supreme Court now has a majority that believes there the sepration thing is a liberal myth …so I guess the wall is donw, maybe Chabad will get in the act & run a publicly chartered cheder to teach the Noahide laws? … but jokes aside, that’s a story I would have expected to see in the Onion, but reality is weirder than spoof

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