Are you a soccer Jew?

Over at the New York Observer, Lizzy Ratner serves up a colorful exposé into the life of a few self-proclaimed soccer Jews “caught in the frenzy” of this year’s World Cup soccer tournament. Here’s her quick description:

Laydees (and gents), meet the Soccer Jew, that intellectual, kvetchy, Granta-reading guy who also happens to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of Ronaldinho’s every kick. With one foot planted firmly in the nerd camp and at least a few toes dangling in the jock sphere, he is the strange, hybrid Creature of the Moment.

While most fans would consider soccer a religion in of itself, I’ve only kinda / sorta dipped into worshiping the pentagon-covered, goalie-smashing, black & white ball from time to time. Since Colombia didn’t make it into the World Cup this year I’ve focused my energy on the Miami Heat’s quest for a championship instead. But living in South Florida it’s hard not to enjoy a soccer game or two. Lizzy’s article was a great read, especially if you’re not caught up on the soccer craze that has swept the planet for the last 100 years!

Photo credit: Ethan Zohn, “survivor” and world-famous Soccer Jew, from

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